Usha Tedrow, MD, MS

Director, Women and Arrhythmias Program; Director, Applied Imaging Science Laboratory; Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School

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Usha B. Tedrow, M.D. is the Associate Director of the Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Program, on staff in the Cardiovascular Medicine Division at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, affiliated with Harvard Medical School, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Dr. Tedrow graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. She received her medical degree with honors from Harvard Medical School. She subsequently did her Internal Medicine residency and Cardiology fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital. She received her training in Cardiac Electrophysiology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Dr. Tedrow’s primary research interest is in epidemiology of atrial fibrillation. She has also completed work on ablation of ventricular tachycardia and on biventricular pacing in heart failure. She performs simple and complex electrophysiology procedures, including catheter ablation and device implantation. She performs epicardial ablation of both supraventricular and ventricular tachycardias.

Dr. Tedrow has been awarded the Kenneth M. Rosen Fellowship Award in Cardiac Pacing and Electrophysiology from the Heart Rhythm Society, and the Eugene Braunwald Fellowship in Cardiovascular Medicine and Science. She is board certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, and Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology. She is a member of the Heart Rhythm Society, American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology. Dr. Tedrow serves as a manuscript reviewer for several major medical journals including Circulation, Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Heart Rhythm, Journal of Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiology, and Heart.

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