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Every cardiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital is trained in women’s health and gender biology, but these individuals lead the way in research and clinical commentary.

doctor paula johnson

Paula Johnson, MD, MPH

Executive Director of the Mary Horrigan Connors Center for Women’s Health and Gender Biology; Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

You can expect to find cardiologist Paula Johnson on Boston Magazine’s biennial list of the city’s best doctors. She is also on the Institute of Medicine’s roll of national leaders in medicine. In 2007 Mayor Tom Menino appointed her Chair of the Board of the Boston Public Health Commission.    More >

doctor michelle albert

Michelle Albert, MD, MPH

Director of Behavioral and Neurocardiovascular Cardiology; Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Michelle Albert is a respected internist and cardiologist whose research explores cardiovascular disease risk assessment in different racial and ethnic groups and the role of chronic psychological stress in cardiovascular disease risk.        More >

doctor j stephen bohan

J. Stephen Bohan, MD, MS

Executive Vice Chair and Clinical Director, Emergency Medicine; Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Steve Bohan is dedicated to bringing greater compassion to medical care. The son of a physician and a nurse, Dr. Bohan spent a year as a Dennis Thompson Compassionate Care Scholar, exploring ways to strengthen the connection between doctors, nurses and patients, at Brigham and Women’s and throughout the world. He helped develop a 10-year program in Zambia to educate midwives as well as to establish and staff birthing centers throughout that nation.       More >

doctor lawrence cohn

Lawrence Cohn, MD

Senior Cardiac Surgeon; Virginia and James Hubbard Professor of Cardiac Surgery, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Larry Cohn has established Brigham and Women’s Hospital as a national leader in minimally invasive cardiac surgery. In 1996 he led the team that replaced an aortic valve through a 3-inch incision instead of opening the entire chest. This was groundbreaking news for both men and women. In more than 35 years at Brigham and Women’s Dr. Cohn has left an indelible stamp on the hospital, training scores of surgeons, many of whom have become national leaders.       More >

doctor marcelo di carli

Marcelo di Carli, MD

Co-Director, Cardiovascular Imaging; Section Chief, Nuclear Medicine; Associate Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Marcelo di Carli is dedicated to optimizing the use of cardiovascular imaging. He has created a collaboration among radiologists and cardiologists to better determine how different types of imaging will best serve individual patients. His innovative approach earned him the 2007 Hermann Blumgart Award, which is presented by the Society of Nuclear Medicine.       More >

doctor joanne foody

JoAnne Foody, MD

Medical Director, Cardiovascular Wellness Program

Dr. Foody works nationally and internationally to prevent cardiac disease and promote cardiac rehabilitation. She has a particular focus on women and heart disease, and her research has focused on identifying and promoting clinical strategies that prevent adverse cardiovascular events in people with and without coronary artery disease.      More >

doctor daniel forman

Daniel Forman, MD

Director, Exercise Testing Laboratory; Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Dan Forman’s goal is to help older people with cardiovascular disease maximize their abilities so that they can continue to have full, active lives. A physican/researcher with a background in cardiology, exercise physiology and geriatric medicine, he is President of the Society of Geriatric Cardiology and principal investigator of a large multi-center trial that is designed to evaluate the impact of exercise on the health and quality of life of patients with heart failure.       More >

doctor marie gerhard-herman

Marie Gerhard-Herman, MD, MMSc

Director, Noninvasive Vascular Laboratory; Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Marie Gerhard-Herman is respected for both her experience in using ultrasound to diagnose vascular disease and her pioneering work in identifying peripheral vascular disease in women. She was named one of the region’s top cardiologists in a poll of medical specialists by Boston Magazine.       More >

doctor jane leopold

Jane Leopold, MD

Director, Women and Invasive Testing Program; Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Jane Leopold is a physician who is skilled in utilizing catheterization procedures to better treat women with heart disease, and an internationally recognized cell biologist who is forging a new understanding of how blood vessels respond to stress. Both make her an invaluable addition to the team at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.       More >

doctor joann manson

JoAnn Manson, MD, MPH, DrPH

Chief, Division of Preventive Medicine; Co-Director, Connors Center for Women's Health and Gender Biology; Elizabeth F. Brigham Professor of Women's Health and Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Magazines have celebrated her as a “Hero in Women’s Health,”  a “Champion of Women’s Health,” and one of “Boston’s Top Docs for Women.” For good reason. Dr. JoAnn Manson has been a lead investigator in the landmark studies that taught us the most about women’s health. The Women’s Health Initiative, Nurses’ Health Study and Women’s Health Study have unearthed the practices that help women lead long and healthy lives as well as the factors that predispose us to heart disease, diabetes and cancer. And Dr. Manson is helping translate that knowledge to the care of women at Brigham and Women’s.       More >

kathy mcmanus

Kathy McManus, MS, RD, LDN

Director, Department of Nutrition; Director, Dietetic Internship, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Kathy McManus is respected around the world as an expert on lifestyle intervention for weight management and risk factor reduction. She serves as the Director of the Department of Nutrition as well as the Director of the Nutrition and Behavior Modification Programs for the Program for Weight Management at Brigham and Women’s.      More >

mary lou moore RN

Mary Lou Moore, MSN, RN, CCRN

Executive Director of Cardiovascular Nursing and Clinical Services

Mary Lou brings years of cardiovascular nursing experience to her role as Executive Director in the Shapiro Center at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. She is renowned at Brigham and Women’s Hospital for her compassion and care, with both patients and nursing staff.       More >

doctor samia mora

Samia Mora, MD, MHS

Attending Physician, Fish Center for Women’s Health; Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Samia Mora is a physician and a scientist whose focus is women’s cardiovascular health. As a physician, she works with women with lupus and other underlying conditions to reduce their risk of heart disease. As a reseacher, she has been the lead investigator in a number of studies that have yielded valuable insights in preventing cardiovascular disease in women, including the effects of exercise and obesity on risk.       More >

doctor frederic resnic

Frederic Resnic, MD, MSc

Director, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory; Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Fred Resnic embraces his position as a tremendous opportunity to develop innovative programs for interventional cardiology in the 21st century. He not only leads the staff in advancing clinical diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, he’s also pioneering the use of medical informatics to determine which technologies and procedures have the best outcomes. His expertise has been tapped by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, which he serves as the senior medical advisor for coronary interventional procedures at the Massachusetts Data Analysis Center.       More >

doctor paul ridker

Paul Ridker, MD

Director, Center for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention; Eugene Braunwald Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Paul Ridker’s work is changing how we assess our risk for heart disease. His research has made us aware of the connection between inflammation and atherosclerosis and is determining the role of testing for C-reactive protein (CRP). For his pioneering work, Dr. Ridker was named one of America’s Ten Best Researchers in Science and Medicine by Time Magazine.       More >

doctor usha tedrow

Usha Tedrow, MD, MS

Director, Women and Arrhythmias Program; Director, Applied Imaging Science Laboratory; Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Usha B. Tedrow, M.D. is the Associate Director of the Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Program, on staff in the Cardiovascular Medicine Division at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, affiliated with Harvard Medical School, in Boston, Massachusetts.       More >

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