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At cardiac rehab, women will have the opportunity to work with cardiac rehab staff that will closely monitor each stage of physical activity and recovery.

Since each woman’s physical activity ability is based on her unique condition, this special focus on exercise and physical rehabilitation promotes confidence as she recovers from her cardiac event.

Exercising During Cardiac Rehab

At cardiac rehab, you will meet with a professional who will work with you to establish a plan of action based on, but not limited to, your physical and medical condition. Be assured that your program will be customized for you as an individual.

During exercise, you will wear a heart monitor and you will be supervised at all times. The heart monitor provides information on your heart rate and rhythm, which ensures that you are training at the right level. Though it is important to rest after your surgery or hospitalization, it is extremely important to engage in physical activity. Participating in supervised physical activity decreases stress and promotes confidence and independence during recovery.

As your time progresses in cardiac rehab, during each visit, it is natural to increase your physical exertion levels. It’s important to note that the increase in activity level will continue to be monitored, and that you will only participate in activity that is appropriate for your health status. In addition, in the chance of an unforeseen medical emergency, certified professionals are on hand to administer treatment. Your customized, supervised workout allows you, as a patient, to focus on true recovery without added stress, and helps you reduce your risk factors.

Exercising After Cardiac Rehab

Your dedication to physical activity should not end after you complete cardiac rehab. By being healthy and monitoring your risk factors, you can decrease your risk of additional heart events. It’s extremely important to continue your exercise routine to maintain the benefits that you have achieved at cardiac rehab.

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