BWH History Videos: The Brightest and the Best

Brigham and Women’s Hospital has long been a historic and influential place. Many important and influential medical researchers, educators, and clinical leaders have spent part or all of their careers here. BWH has also been the site where administrative leaders have weathered many changes in hospital care, developed new organizational approaches, and reached out to the community. And it is a place where the brightest and the best work together to provide some of the best hospital care in New England, the United States, and the world.

In honor of the BWH Blueprint history celebration, we present 70 interviews with prominent Brigham medical leaders and longtime administrators who share the stories of their careers and their ideas about the future of medicine. Each interview is accompanied by a downloadable transcript.

View the BWH History Videos.

Physician/Leader interviews conducted by Peter Tishler, MD, with Tom Lee, MD (Eugene Braunwald, MD, interview), and Jim Adelstein, MD (Barbara McNeil, MD, PhD, interview)

Longtime Staff Member interviews conducted by Ann Conway, PhD
(David Brooks, MD; Mary Collier-Fisher; Tom Kiefer; Wanda McClain; Jon McGonagle; Bob Raymond; Janet Razulis; Patricia Salamone; and Heidi Shamlian)