Frequently Asked Career Questions

How do I explore the open jobs at BWH?

To explore our available jobs and their descriptions look here: Search Open Positions - External Candidates.

What are the employment options offered at BWH?

BWH offers different employment options, both full-time and part-time shifts, as well as other types of employment, to fit every schedule. These options include:

  • Full-time: 40 hours per week -- eligible for benefits
  • Part-time: 20 hours or more per week -- eligible for benefits
  • Per Diem: Employed on an as-needed basis.
  • Job Share: Full-time positions split between two or more parties.
  • Internship: Availability depends on departmental interest and course preparation.
  • Summer Opportunities: Visit our workforce development section for summer internship opportunities.
  • Co-op: Typically offered through a university or school, these positions are associated with an approved academic program and involve clinical rotations in patient areas.
  • Temporary: Assignments available for project work or extended absence coverage for a period of not more than 90 days.

If I'm not qualified for the position I've selected, will I automatically be considered for other positions?

No. To be considered for opportunities at BWH, you must apply for the specific position of interest.

Can I volunteer at BWH?

Of course. Our volunteers at BWH fulfill very important roles. They make both patient and employee experiences at BWH more positive. While there is no guarantee of permanent employment it's a great way to learn more about the hospital and determine if BWH is indeed a place where you would like to work. To get started, please visit the Office of Sponsored Staff & Volunteers web page or contact our Volunteer Office at 617-732-5998 to discuss available opportunities.

If I am not selected for a position, what happens to my application/resume?

We are committed to reviewing all applications promptly. However, if you are not selected for the position you will be notified and encouraged to continue to apply for other opportunities for which you are qualified.

I'm an internal applicant. Will my resume remain confidential?

Yes. Your application will not be known to your manager unless you are in the pool of finalists and authorize the hiring manager to speak with your supervisor during the reference check process. However, please be aware that all MGB affiliates have access to launch a search for key words and view your resume. Please contact a recruiter directly concerning the internal transfer process.

Are non-U.S. citizens eligible for employment with BWH?

Yes. Eligibility varies depending on your visa status and the educational requirements for the position.

Will BWH sponsor non-citizens with an H1B visa?

H1B sponsorship is considered on a case-by-case basis, as permitted by law. Often, sponsorship depends on the position requirements. For more information, please visit the Mass General Brigham International Office Home page.

How should I prepare for my interview?

First of all, congratulations on making it to the next step in the hiring process. Your recruiter will provide details about the interview, such as the time and directions to your interview site. However, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Before you come in, write down your responsibilities, challenges, and accomplishments from previous positions and how they might prepare you for a position at BWH. Dress appropriately. Of course, dress codes vary across jobs, but professional attire is always appreciated. Our offices and hospital are "fragrance free" - this means you should not wear perfume, cologne, or scented products of any kind since it can be uncomfortable to certain patients. If you have questions about the interview process or about what skills the position requires - check with your recruiter. They will be your coach for your interview at BWH.

Smile! Interviews can make people nervous. But remember, we're excited to meet you, and we want to see you do your best by letting your enthusiasm show.

How do I find out what a particular position pays?

Salaries are market based and can vary based upon experience, job requirements, schedules and level of responsibility. We invite you to discuss salary and compensation questions directly with your recruiter.

Please explain the transfer process, how much time must elapse before I can be considered for another opportunity?

The general rule of thumb is for you to be in a position for a minimum of six months before consideration is given for transferring within BWH. However, if you’re hired under the Massachusetts Nursing Association contract, different rules apply. Contact your Nurse Recruiter for details.

I have more questions about the interview process. Who should I contact?

Once you start the interviewing process, your recruiter will be your guide. Speak with her/him about any questions or concerns you may have. Your recruiter has a wealth of information about BWH and what it's like to work here. The telephone number to use to contact the recruiter is: 617-582-0100.

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