Our Team


  • Claire-Cecile Pierre, MD – Vice President of Community Health Programs, Mass General Brigham
  • Ashley Rice – Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Monique Kelly – Project Manager

Youth Programs

  • Jesenia Cortes – Interim Director, Youth Programs
  • Theodore Cullinane – Youth Programs Coordinator
  • Alyssa Devlin – Education and Alumni Coordinator

Community Engagement and Partnerships

  • RonAsia Rouse – Interim Director of Community Health Engagement
  • Sade Jones Smith – Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Trauma Team Coordinator

Social Determinants of Health and Prevention

  • Tracy Sylven, Director of Community Health and Health Equity- Social Determinates of Health and Prevention
  • Kathryn Plante – Community Health Program Manager
  • Evelyn Gallego – Health Promotion Center Coordinator

Maternal and Child Health

  • Madison Louis – Interim Director of Maternal and Child Health
  • Siani Antoine – Project Manager
  • Erika Leon – Lead Family Partner for the Family Partnership Pilot Program

Health Equity

  • Regan Marsh, MD, – Medical Director of Health Equity
  • Brittany Frederick – Project Manager, Health Equity


  • Sarah Ingerman – Program Evaluator