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Student Success Jobs Program FAQs

What is SSJP?

SSJP (Student Success Jobs Program) is an intensive after-school and summer employment program in the Center for Community Health and Health Equity at Brigham and Women's Hospital. The goal of the program is to give high school students meaningful work experience in the health care environment.

I do not go to one of your partnering schools, can I apply to SSJP?

No, unfortunately not. SSJP will accept students from our following partnering high schools: Boston Latin Academy, Community Academy of Science and Health, Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers, Fenway High, John D. O'Bryant School of Math and Science, Madison Park Vocational High School, and New Mission High School.

I just need a summer job, can I apply to SSJP?

Students are hired during the beginning of each academic year and work a full year. We do not hire students for only the summer.

My grades need improvement, what are chances of me being accepted to SSJP?

Even if you do not have all A's, there is a chance you can be accepted into the program. If you are having difficulty with certain classes, you will be required to attend tutoring sessions until your grades improve.

How do I get in contact with my PIC career specialist?

You should ask either your guidance counselor or your headmaster and they will inform you who your PIC Career Specialist is.

I play after school sports, am a part of the prom committee, in the NHS, and treasurer of my class. Can I fit SSJP in my schedule?

SSJP is a big commitment. Working ten hours per week and keeping up with your academics, family and personal obligations tend to give students a full schedule. Chances are slim that a student could be involved in several activities and SSJP as well and properly fulfill all commitments.

I am interested in being an accountant. Should I apply to SSJP?

SSJP is for students who are interested in the medical, health or science field and who have a passion for taking care of others.

Besides being exposed to health careers, how can SSJP help me?

SSJP provides students with unique opportunities to envision a promising future for themselves through participation in and exposure to health careers. SSJP enables students to successfully embark on the college application process, increases positive, consistent adult involvement in the lives of students, and also encourages students to develop lasting friendships with peers from other neighborhoods and high schools. Students are supported holistically. We work to develop students' life and social skills and provide support around various aspects of a teen's life.

After SSJP, what do students do?

Since 2004, 96% of SSJP students have enrolled in or graduated from college. Of those, 85% are majoring or have majored in health, science or medicine. For specific examples, please see the “Latest News” page.

What is the racial and ethnic diversity of SSJP?

39% are of African or Caribbean descent

38% are of Latino descent

12% are of Asian descent

5% are of European descent

69% are female

31% are male

I still have questions about SSJP, who can I contact?

Please contact Jesenia Cortes, SSJP Student and Family Coordinator at 617-264-8743 |