Deland Fellowship Description

The Deland Fellowship is a one-year administrative experience which prepares professionals to be leaders of health care institutions. Fellows are exposed to the operations of an academic and community-based medical center and develop the skills which are fundamental to their professional development as healthcare professionals.

Through project-based learning guided by senior leaders, Deland Fellows focus on effective ways to bridge the worlds of science, medicine, and administration. Fellows pursuing administrative roles gain an in-depth understanding of the clinical aspects of healthcare; and those who have a clinical background explore the principles of management, operations and finance. Due to its flexible curriculum, the Fellows have the choice of working on a variety of projects to further define their areas of interest.

Deland Fellows work with administrators, faculty and staff at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital and the Mass General Brigham system on projects which are compatible with and tailored to their background and interests and meet the needs of the organization. Opportunities for study include:

  • Participation in leadership meetings and assignment to high-impact projects spanning a range of topics and clinical areas across the organization;
  • Hands-on exposure to clinical work, including physician and nursing rounds, observations, and participation in quality rounds;
  • Experience in management, operations, finance, marketing, and community relations;
  • Experience working within an integrated health care system of academic and community-based hospitals;
  • Professional development opportunities, including conference participation and internal and external trainings.

Deland Fellows are mentored by a member of the senior leadership team and are supervised by the Deland Fellowship Program Director.

The Deland Fellowship is a distinctive and unique learning opportunity which requires Fellows to display self-motivation, critical thinking, and leadership and to take initiative to address complex challenges at all levels of the organization. The Fellowship is well suited to applicants who have previous experience in healthcare, business, and related fields.