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Brigham Health LGBTQ & Friends Employee Resource Group

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Established by Brigham Health in 2008, the Brigham Health LGBTQ & Friends Employee Resource Group (ERG) seeks to create a welcoming and affirming environment not only for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender employees, but also patients, families and friends.

The LGBTQ & Friends ERG accomplishes this mission through the following means:

  • Increasing visibility, awareness, and understanding of LGBTQ individuals and issues within all levels and aspects of the organization
  • Educating providers and staff about the unique health and mental health care needs of LGBTQ patients and families
  • Providing advocacy and support to Brigham Health employees with an interest and expertise in LGBTQ issues in the form of recruitment, mentorship, professional development, and access to benefits and resources
  • Ensuring that all Brigham Health policies are LGBTQ-inclusive and that staff, employees, and patients are aware and educated about these policies
  • Supporting and collaborating with community groups outside Brigham, to improve access to LGBTQ-inclusive services for all LGBTQ members of the greater Boston community.
  • Offering support, networking opportunities, and camaraderie among employees and staff at Brigham Health who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and allies.

Be an Ally

In 2010, Brigham Health, thanks to an ERG initiative, was one of the first hospitals in the country to begin offering rainbow stickers for employees to place on their badges to signify support and safety for LGBTQ patients and colleagues. Over the past 10 years, the use of and demand for these stickers has grown, and we have heard from patients and staff alike what a difference that visibility makes. One tiny ½” x ¾” sticker conveys a powerful message about our values, and helps ensure people know this is a place they can be their whole selves. Members of the Brigham community (BWH and BWFH) are coming out to express their support of LGBTQ patients, visitors and colleagues.

Watch this video of Brigham employees expressing their support for their LGBTQ colleagues and family members.

LGBT-Inclusive Policies & Practices

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Brigham Health has developed this policy to support the rights of all Brigham and Women's Hospital patients as part of the Brigham Health mission to provide excellent care. The objective is to provide high quality care to all patients regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or marital status. Read Patient Rights and Responsibilities in full.

Equal Visitation

Brigham Health's Visitor Policy seeks to create a welcoming, supportive and safe environment for our patients, families, visitors and staff while respecting the health care needs and confidentiality of our patients. Thus, a support person is any person who is present to support the patient during their stay, such as a partner or spouse, regardless of their gender. A support person need not be legally related to the patient. Read the Equal Visitation Policy in full.

Patient Self-Identification

At Brigham Health, patients have the right and option to enter their sexual orientation, assigned sex at birth, and current gender identity into their medical record. Employees are trained to gather this information with consideration and respect for the patient.

Anti-Harassment Policy

Brigham Health's "Anti-Harassment Policy" underlines that harassment (including on the basis of gender, sex, and sexual orientation) of any individual is unacceptable and grounds for disciplinary action. Read the Anti-Harassment Policy in full.

Guide to Your Hospital Stay

This guide outlines your imminent visit to the hospital in detail, including information on the confidentiality of your medical visit, and your rights to have your cultural and personal values, beliefs, and preferences respected. Read out Guide to Your Hospital Stay in full.

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