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Gender Identity/Expression

In June 2017, Mass General Brigham released three documents to increase recognition and understanding of gender identity/expression issues. Released in the midst of LGBT Pride Month in June, the three resources draw attention to ways to make the workplace more inclusive and equitable for transgender employees. The Policy features critical information on Equal Employment Opportunity policies, Policy definitions, confidentiality and privacy, bathroom use, and insurance related to gender transition. The Toolkit presents possible actions that a transitioning colleague may or may not choose to take while working at a Mass General Brigham organization. The manager guide further explains these resources while providing additional tools and research platforms.

Mass General Brigham Gender Identity/Expression Policy

It is the policy of MGB to prohibit discrimination and harassment on the basis of actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. MGB includes “gender identity” in its Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) policies to clarify that discrimination against transgender individuals is prohibited in the hiring process, the work environment, and the provision of MGB benefits. Read the Policy in full.

Toolkit for Transitioning Colleagues

This Toolkit addresses the needs and issues that arise in the workplace when a transgender member of the Mass General Brigham workforce (“Colleague”) transitions and it can act as a guide for the transitioning Colleague. As transgender individuals may choose to express their gender identity in the workplace, companies necessarily become involved in the transgender individual’s transition. It is our expectation that workplace concerns that arise when a transgender person transitions will be addressed appropriately and promptly to maintain a productive workplace environment where all members are treated with dignity and respect.

Mass General Brigham recognizes that everyone’s transition experience is different, and while many aspects of this Toolkit are deemed important to both the transitioning Colleague and the employer, it is always subject to dialogue and individual circumstances. Mass General Brigham is committed to working with the transitioning Colleague to come up with a plan, guided by this Toolkit, that takes into account such individual circumstances. Read the Toolkit in full.

Guide for Managers on Gender Identity/Expression Policy and Toolkit

The purpose of this guide is to provide managers with high level information regarding the features of the Policy and Toolkit, highlighting both of their purposes and features, as well as support and resources. Read the Guide for Managers in full.