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Staying Informed

There is a lot going on at BWH, and there are many ways to access key information and stay up-to-date on the latest news and activities.


If BWH were a living thing, PikeNotes would be its brain and circulatory system. PikeNotes, BWH’s Intranet, is home to virtually every item of information that pertains to your work at BWH: items that are generally stable, such as benefits information, clinical practice manuals, and instructions on how to use IT resources; and items that update periodically, such as daily news, articles of interest, and announcements of upcoming events. This guide will take you on a tour of PikeNotes and offer tips on how to use our Intranet efficiently.

To get started quickly on PikeNotes, check out the FastLane page, an alphabetical index of links to all your resources for getting things done. Whether you’re looking for information on accounts payable, benefits, today’s cafeteria menu, backup childcare, downloading a form, contacting the Help Desk, the shuttle schedule, setting up your voicemail, or virtually anything can probably find what you need in the FastLane.

Partners Pulse is the Intranet for the broader Partners Healthcare employee community. Partners Pulse features quick links, a "how to" section, a search engine that pulls information from a wider variety of Partners Corporate and affiliate sites, and links to the newsletters of each Partners affiliate.

BWH Bulletin

BWH publications offer insightful and inspirational articles about our patients and employees, along with the latest news about biomedical research discoveries, revolutionary breakthroughs in medical treatments, our quality improvement and patient safety initiatives and the training of our future physicians and other health care professionals.

The weekly BWH Bulletin, our primary “newspaper,” is published online and can also be found in printed form, distributed at hospital entrances. You may read current and back issues online.

BWH Nurse and BWH Clinical & Research News are published and posted online monthly. Safety Matters e-newsletters provide an opportunity to share stories about mistakes made, what we have learned, and the systems improvements undertaken as a result.

Town Meeting

Senior leadership of BWH, including BWH President Dr. Betsy Nabel, is committed to being accessible and responsive to all staff. For this reason, open forum Town Meetings are held annually, and all employees are invited to attend. Town Meetings include a State of the Hospital address by Dr. Nabel, followed by a question and answer period. You may attend a Town Meeting in person or watch it as a live stream on your workspace computer. Visit this page for a webcast of the most recent Town Meeting.

Dr. Nabel's Notes

In addition to connecting with employees at the Town Meeting, Dr. Nabel can be found in her own (upper right) corner of PikeNotes, called Dr. Nabel’s Notes. There, she offers information of interest to BWH employees, and also welcomes questions from staff.

BWH Community Connects

Community Connects is a system of TV screens across the campus displaying internal announcements and event listings for our community managed by Public Affairs. You may also view the current Community Connects bulletins online, here.

Check Your E-mail

Your daily email includes timely messages of interest to the entire BWH employee community, including news items; announcements about upcoming employee and hospital events, from seminars to free chair massages; and information about new perks that are available, such as tickets to upcoming shows and sports events. Be sure to check your email every day to see what’s new. Also, many departments and employee groups have their own email groups, circulating news of more targeted interest. You might ask your manager and co-workers for suggestions about email lists you might join.


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