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February 14, 2024
Experts Call for Innovative Strategies to Address Global Blood Crisis, form Blood D.E.S.E.R.T. Coalition

Researchers spearheaded a new global collaborative to address the pressing issue of extreme blood unavailability in rural settings and propose short-term strategies to address the urgent need for blood.  Read More...

February 13, 2024
Study Finds High Levels of Physical Activity Lowered Risk of Developing COVID-19 Infection and Hospitalization

A cohort study of older adults found that those who followed recommended exercise guidelines before the pandemic had significantly lower odds of being infected or hospitalized from COVID-19 than those who did not follow guidelines  Read More...

February 13, 2024
New Epigenetic Clocks Reinvent How We Measure Age

Investigators unveil a new form of epigenetic clock – a machine learning model designed to predict biological age from DNA structure.  Read More...


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