Quality and Safety

Healthcare Quality and Safety

There are many factors that patients and their families consider when choosing a hospital. But ultimately, none are more important than the quality of patient care and the satisfaction experienced by both patients and families.

As one of the nation’s elite hospitals, Brigham and Women's Hospital helps define and set standards on such issues as safety practices, performance improvement, disclosure of performance measures, and advancing quality.

A major part of our commitment to improving quality is our pledge to publicly share our performance data and provide clear explanations of what these measures mean. We do this not only to show how well we compare with other hospitals, but also to show our commitment to being open and honest with our patients and their families.

We encourage patients to review our performance – or, for that matter, the performance of any hospital they are considering for their care. We welcome your questions, comments, concerns, and suggestions, and promise to listen closely and respond promptly to them.

We invite you to learn more about our commitment to quality patient care and patient safety on these topics: