What Our Patients are Saying

We at Brigham and Women’s Hospital are pleased to share some of the comments we’ve received from our patients:

  • “Professional and pleasant team made my experience enjoyable.”“Very pleased and confident I received the best possible care.”“I had 2 major operations at BWH and many follow-up appointments. I have never had a problem of any type and the nurses are wonderful – they really care! I dealt with nurses in the heart & lung areas and they couldn’t be more knowledgeable and helpful.”
  • “This facility is run to perfection. Excellent treatment and services.”
  • “Excellent! The Brigham has been my hospital for 40 years. I am grateful beyond words to them.”
  • “I have nothing but praise for the care that I have received at B&W. I also think the Shapiro building is a state of the art facility.”
  • “Being a patient of Dr. ___ is probably the reason I am alive today. He is also responsible for keeping my mother alive and comfortable as long as she lived. With physicians of such quality, there is no question that Brigham and Women’s Hospital is phenomenal.”
  • “Physician staff was the best and the nurses were exceptional. Brigham has been so good to me!”
  • “Every effort to make the service expedient and efficient was to my view made. I was assured and pleased with the way I was treated.”

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