Sponsored Staff

Sponsored Staff are receiving their salary from sources other than the hospital. Sponsored Staff are categorized as sponsored employees or as collaborators.

Sponsored employees are functioning as employees of the hospital but are receiving their salary directly from an external source, such as a foundation or academic institution, for the work they are performing at Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH).

Collaborators are actively employed by and receive a salary from another academic institution, company or government for the work they are performing at BWH.

All Sponsored Staff must be cleared through BWH Occupational Health Services prior to obtaining a hospital ID badge.

This document will be useful in helping you determine the appropriate category for your research staff.

Please verify that the person you are hiring has the appropriate visa and work authorization prior to beginning the on-boarding process. This document may be helpful in determining which visa is appropriate.

This website is an additional resource: travel.state.gov

Sponsored Staff On-boarding Process