Anesthesiology Residency Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the application process, deadlines and interview dates. Where you can stay, information about second visits, transportation, directions, etc.? 
A. Please refer to the Residency Application and Selection Process under Admissions for more details

Q. I heard that the BWH Anesthesiology Residency interview day is long. What is the interview day like?
A. The interview day has now been changed. It lasts from 9:00AM to 5:30PM. Candidates spend half the day on tours of the  department and the hospital. The other half is devoted to informational talks and six interviews with faculty and residents. The day ends with a department wide reception for the candidates to casually meet the faculty, fellows, residents and our entire support staff. It is a long day because it provides applicants with a lot of information about the program.

Q. What is the annual salary and benefits like?
A. The starting salary for a CA-1 resident in 2018 is $66,000. Employment benefits include health, dental, disability and other insurance. For more information, please refer to FREIDA and the Partners Office of Resources for Trainees. 

Q. Is moonlighting available?
A.  Moonlighting is available within the Partners Healthcare System to residents at the CA-2 level of training or higher. Residents need permission from the program director as well as completed the cardiac anesthesia rotations and have obtained a full medical license. Moonlighting residents cannot be on a J Visa.

Q. How do I find out about housing options?
A.  Please refer to the Partners Office of Resources for Trainees.

Q. Are both categorical, advanced and combined pediatric positions available?
A. Our program offers both categorical and advance positions. Please refer to Residency and Application and Selection Process section under Admissions for more details.