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Anesthesiology Residency International Applicant Requirements

At this time, our institution sponsors both H1b and J1 Visas. To be considered for the H1b visa, USMLE Step III must be successfully completed by December 31.

In addition to the general requirements, international candidates should keep the following in mind:

  • International candidates should be ECFMG certified by October 31 and must be certified by the end of the interview season (end of January)
  • USMLE scores must be at least 210 on the first attempt, and ideally greater than 230
  • To be competitive, international candidates must have superior medical school records, typically graduating at or near the top of their medical school class
  • Most international candidates have strong backgrounds in research and many are already fully trained in anesthesiology or both
  • Many international candidates have demonstrated the ability to work in an academic hospital by completing one or more rotations (with direct patient care) at one of the major US teaching hospitals
  • All international candidates must have excellent proficiency in spoken and written English
  • Letters of recommendation must include at least one letter from a physician who has directly supervised the candidate in a major clinical rotation such as internal medicine, surgery or pediatrics, and when available, letters from US trained physicians are particularly helpful. We do not find letters from “observerships” useful in evaluating applicants.


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