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Anesthesiology Residency Requirements for Applicants

The following information must be submitted to ERAS, the Electronic Residency Application Service:

  • ERAS Application form
  • Curriculum Vitae, including honors and publications
  • MSPE (Dean’s List)
  • Official transcript
  • USMLE scores (Step I required, Step II and Step III if available). COMLEX scores are accepted
  • At least three letters of recommendation. It is recommended that the letters be written by someone who is very familiar with your work (research or clinical) and who is accustomed to writing letters of recommendation (clerkship director, program director, director of inpatient service or a senior clinician), and at least one has to be from an anesthesiologist. If you have extensive research experience (MD/PhD or equivalent research experience), a letter from a research advisor should also be submitted.
  • Personal statement. We encourage you not to use the personal statement to tell us about why you like the field of anesthesiology (most applicants are interested in physiology, pharmacology and in working with their hands!), but rather to use it as an opportunity to tell us about yourself, your life experiences, and your career aspirations.
  • Photograph
  • Candidates interested in the Combined Pediatric-Anesthesiology program need to apply to BCRP in ERAS and select the Pediatrics-Anesthesiology track; a separate application (to the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Anesthesiology) needs to be submitted to also be considered for the Brigham Categorical or Advanced Anesthesiology Programs.

Holistic Application Review

We do not use board scores, grades, or other metrics to filter applications. All applications are examined and the majority are read thoroughly and summarized in a 200+ word paragraph that incorporates all the information we have. Decisions as to whether to interview or how highly to rank an applicant depend on the totality of the applicant's record from college onward, including extracurricular accomplishments, passions, personality, leadership, and other factors as well as academic achievement.


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