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CA-1 Orientation

Brigham and Women’s Hospital Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine believes that a strong introduction to the practice of Anesthesiology is critical to our residents’ early success and enjoyment of our specialty. To this end, we have created what we believe is one of the most comprehensive, immersive and enjoyable CA1 Orientation programs in the country. All of our CA1 residents start residency at the beginning of July as a group and spend the months of July and August in our intensive “CA1 Tutorial” Orientation program. The program is roughly divided into three parts, each one addressing the unique educational and professional needs of the brand-new anesthesiology resident physician.

The first part of CA1 Tutorial is a comprehensive week-long program of introductory lectures, hands-on workshops, and interactive teaching sessions designed to introduce the CA1 resident to the practice of Anesthesiology. Topics presented during this week-long intensive program include (but are not limited to) an introduction to the anesthesia machine, basics of pharmacology and physiology, principles of preoperative patient workup, facets of creating anesthetic plans and patient presentations, and intraoperative anesthetic considerations. CA1 residents attend special hands-on workshops on airway management, IV placement, and line placement, taught by dedicated staff anesthesiologists and selected CA3 residents. This week also serves as a critical bonding experience and our CA1 residents value getting to know their fellow classmates in a fun, educational and enjoyable atmosphere.

The second part of CA1 Tutorial is an intensive 4 week OR Tutorial experience, during which CA1s are paired with attending physicians (called “Tutors”) or senior residents in the operating rooms. It is here that the CA1 begins to deliver anesthetic care for our patients with intensive supervision and support. The CA1 will work with their Attending Tutors exclusively for weeklong pairings, as we believe that continuity is integral for growth and improvement. These “Tutor-Tutee relationships” are some of the most important professional relationships created during anesthesiology residency and we are proud that graduates of our residency program speak of their “Tutorial Weeks" as some of the most influential weeks of their residency experience. Interspersed within Attending Tutorial weeks, the CA1 resident will be assigned to work with CA2 and CA3s classmates in the operating rooms, where they will learn from and get to know their peers.

During the third part of CA1 Tutorial, our CA1 residents continue to work in all areas of the operating rooms, in addition to gaining valuable exposure to the many other anesthetizing locations in which we care for patients (including Out-of-OR locations, obstetrics, pain service, PACU, and others). Independence and growth is a hallmark of the third part of Tutorial, while maintaining adequate support and resources for the CA1 resident. By the end of August, our CA1 residents have received a comprehensive learning experience in the OR and feel extremely well prepared for the rest of their CA1 year.

In addition to providing a superb clinical introduction to the operating rooms, CA1 Tutorial in July and August also includes a comprehensive educational program of CA1-specific didactic lectures, simulation sessions in BWH’s world renowned “STRATUS” simulation center, and interactive hands-on workshops. We also hold CA1 specific feedback sessions, debriefing sessions and wellness activities. This educational curriculum is specifically designed with the learning goals of the CA1 in mind and receives extremely high praise each year for its educational quality and innovation.

We invite you to explore our residency program in further depth on our website and should you decide to train with us, we look forward to welcoming you to CA1 Orientation!

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Anesthesiology Residency Program CA-1 Orientation


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