Anesthesia Residency Call Schedule

On-call schedules will vary, but are generally as follows:

  • Main OR Call— MOR call is a 24 hour call system. The call team is typically composed of a mixture of junior and senior residents in addition to the overnight attending anesthesiologist. Residents typically take approximately 4 overnight calls per month and receive a post-call day on the following day. Weekend overnight call is typically 2 of these 4 calls each month. Residents also take late call (until 7-8 pm) 2-3 times per month and work a normal day on the following day.
  • OB Call — There is an overnight system similar to the main OR call. Residents typically take 6-8 overnight calls per month depending on their level of training. These days are followed by a post call day which is off. Weekend call typically occurs 2 weekends during the month.
  • ICU Call— 24-hour call which averages once per four days


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