Acute Postoperative Pain Management

The Acute Postoperative Pain Management Service is a comprehensive pain management service that is involved in perioperative analgesia. Our role is to provide pain management assistance to clinicians and patients. We know that adequate pain management can provide a better perioperative experience and enhance the process of healing and recovery.

As leaders in perioperative pain management we offer a variety of modalities, including opioid and non-opioid treatments. Our group is especially skilled in regional anesthesia techniques that are helpful in reducing postoperative opioid requirements. We also use patient-controlled analgesia infusion devices, infusion of adjuvants and rely on a multimodal approach to treat pain. Our greatest strength is our staff and their dedication to each patient. We treat each patient with care and work with each patient in creating an individualized pain management plan.

These services are based on our in-depth understanding of the physiology of acute pain, the pharmacology of analgesics, and the techniques needed to provide perioperative comfort.

We know that the benefits of effective postoperative pain management include earlier mobilization, fewer pulmonary and cardiac complications, reduced risk of deep vein thrombosis, faster recovery and a reduced risk of chronic pain.

The Acute Postoperative Pain Management Service it is led by Dr. Jose Luis Zeballos. He is actively involved in quality improvement projects for trauma patients, clinical trials of new pain management medications and development of pain management pathways.

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