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Expert Care for High-Risk Pregnancy and the Needs of Every Newborn

Every family looks forward to a healthy pregnancy, but some pregnancies present unexpected challenges. At Brigham and Women’s Hospital, our high-risk pregnancy specialists (also called maternal-fetal medicine physicians) work closely with you from before pregnancy through delivery. After birth, our world-leading pediatric newborn specialists help even the smallest newborns thrive in our state-of-the-art Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Together, our specialists offer expertise in every area of concern a family may encounter, with a caring and supportive team at every step.

At Brigham and Women’s Hospital, you can be sure that you and your baby are receiving the best possible care.

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Expert Care for Preexisting Conditions during Pregnancy

Expert Care for Preexisting Conditions

Starting with pre-pregnancy care and planning, our specialists in high-risk pregnancy provide personalized care and extra monitoring for women with many health needs including heart disease, blood conditions, diabetes, obesity, a history of infertility and other conditions.

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Twins, Triplets and More

Twins, Triplets & More

Expecting more than one baby can be both exciting and overwhelming. This is why women from throughout the region turn to Brigham and Women’s Hospital for deep experience, extensive services and the most advanced care for multiples from pregnancy through delivery and beyond.

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If Pregnancy Complications Arise

If Pregnancy Complications Arise

Turn to the experts for gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, disorders of the placenta, fetal abnormalities and other unexpected complications. We provide personalized care and work closely with you to achieve a healthy start for you and your baby.

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NICU Specialized Care for Babies

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Some babies, especially those born early, need specialized care after delivery. Our Level III NICU provides world-leading expertise in neonatology in an environment designed to help the most fragile newborns. Our capabilities and your love combine to help your baby grow and develop.

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Couple seeking High Risk Pregnancy Care

Blog: High-risk Pregnancy Care - When is it needed?

In addition to closely monitoring the mother’s condition, high-risk pregnancy specialists track and may treat a baby’s developing systems.

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How to Choose a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist

Blog: How to Choose a Maternal-fetal Medicine Specialist?

A MFM physician can monitor and manage medical concerns throughout pregnancy to ensure your health and a safe delivery.

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Multiple Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

Blog: Multiple Pregnancy - What You Need to Know

Multiple pregnancy may present unique challenges, which can be managed with the guidance of a MFM specialist.

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