Revision Surgery

Revision surgery is for people who have already undergone a weight loss surgical procedure. Revisions might be needed or desired depending on the situation.

What is a revision surgery?

Revision surgeries can take many forms, including:

  • Reversal of a previous surgery
  • Converting a previous surgery from one type of procedure to another
  • Modifying a previous surgery
  • Repairing a prior operation

How does a revision surgery work?

A revision is tailored to the patient’s needs. Since revision cases are unique, our expert team can review your history and work with you to evaluate your options.

What are the expected weight loss outcomes for a revision surgery?

Revision outcomes depend on the type of revision surgery you are having and the reason behind that revision. Outcomes of a revision might mean you will:

  • Lose weight
  • Have more energy and move more easily
  • Have fewer weight-related health problems
  • Experience a reduction in undesired side effects from a previous surgery
  • Have less acid reflux

What are the additional health benefits of revision surgery besides weight loss?

In addition to the above, revisions may lead to better health following surgery, like fewer symptoms from weight-related health conditions. After treatment, the following conditions may improve or even resolve completely:

  • Sleep apnea
  • High blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes

Am I a candidate for revision surgery?

Please contact us at 617-525-3597 to schedule an appointment to discuss whether you are a candidate for revision.

How do I improve and optimize my health before revision surgery?

We understand that revision surgeries can be overwhelming and we are committed to making you feel comfortable with your decision. During the process, you will have a few consultations with clinicians. These include:

  • Consultations with a surgeon who reviews your medical history and helps you determine the best procedure for you
  • Consultation with a psychologist who assesses your weight and behavioral history, and helps you with strategies for weight loss success
  • Consultations with a dietitian who work with you to develop a nutrition plan that complements your lifestyle

Marianne lost more than 100 pounds following weight-loss surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. She describes how the Brigham’s Center for Weight Management and Wellness helped transform her health and life. Ali Tavakkoli, MD, co-director of the center, discusses how the team creates a life-long partnership with patients for long-term success.

Do you offer long-term weight management support?

Yes, we offer ongoing weight loss support. Our comprehensive team—which includes surgeons, dietitians, psychologists, and physician assistants—will provide a lifetime of support to ensure you remain successful long after your surgery is done.

We offer:

  • Individual appointments with members of our team
  • Group meetings
  • Private online support forum for new and past patients
  • E-mail communication through Patient Gateway with your care team

How do I get started?

We currently offer two types of information sessions—a 13 minute online session, which can be taken on-demand, or a live session conducted virtually with a member of our surgical team. These sessions are offered in both English and Spanish. During these sessions, you'll hear about the details and benefits of each weight loss surgery and learn more about the program. For help finding a session, you can visit this page or contact us at 617-525-3597.

Which surgeons perform revisions?

Ali Tavakkoli, MD
Chief, General and Gastrointestinal Surgery

Abdelrahman Nimeri, MBBCH
Director of Bariatric Surgery

Neil D. Ghushe, MD
Bariatric Surgeon

Malcolm Kenneth Robinson, MD, FACS
Bariatric Surgeon

Eric G. Sheu, MD, PhD
Bariatric Surgeon

David Spector, MD
Bariatric Surgeon

Thomas C. Tsai, MD, MPH
Bariatric Surgeon

Ashley Haralson Vernon, MD
Bariatric Surgeon

How do I schedule an appointment to learn more about weight loss surgery options?

After you have viewed our info session online or attended a virtual information session, please call us at 617-525-3597 to schedule an initial evaluation to discuss treatment options.

I'm a doctor. How do I refer a patient?

Brigham and Women's offers experience, excellence, and patient-focused care. If you are interested in referring a patient, you can call 617-525-3597 for additional information or to register a patient for a free information session.

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