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Research in the BWH Department of dermatology is driven by a brilliant, collaborative, multidisciplinary team of physicians and scientists united in their commitment to improving the treatment of skin disease and training the next generation of dermatology innovators. Our faculty carry out a wide range of research activities, including Clinical and Health Disparities Research, Translational Research studies into human skin diseases and Basic Science Investigations into the fundamental biology of skin. All of our faculty members are committed to recognizing bias, addressing inequities and training the next generation of outstanding physicians and scientists.

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Gifts from our alumni, patients and friends help us train our staff in the latest skin care innovations, to make advances in dermatology through research and to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients. When you make a gift to the BWH Department of Dermatology, you enable our medical team to provide the most advanced care and make a difference for every patient and family member we see.

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