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Brigham and Women's Hospital is open and seeing patients. All scheduled appointments and procedures will happen as planned on Monday, July 22.

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Dermatology Referring Providers Information

The Department of Dermatology welcomes physician inquiries. Please use the toll free Brigham and Women's Hospital Physician Referral Service (1-800-638-6294) or the direct phone number (617-732-4918) to access information about services and resources, to speak with a physician, to consult about a patient, or to refer a patient.

Brigham and Women's Hospital is committed to developing a seamless transition between primary care and tertiary referral; duplicate tests will be avoided as much as possible. Radiologic film rather than reports is preferred. Please fax, mail, or deliver with the patient all primary lab tests, radiology films, angiographic data, and a summary of medications.

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