Meet Our Team

Our research team is led by our Research Director, Dr. Edward Boyer, the Associate Research Director, Dr. Clay Merchant, and our Director of Research Operations, Dr. Guru Jambaulikar. Our core strength lies in the research coordinator team. Our research coordinators join us at different stages in their aspirations to work in the health sciences. Many join us fresh out of college with a wish to spend 2 years with us to learn about clinical research on their way to a career in medicine via medical, nursing or PA school. We occasionally have the pleasure of working with more advanced candidates who are in a gap year or two between medical school and residency. In their time with us, our coordinators experience the clinical research machine first-hand - from the science to the operations to regulatory compliance. They accrue invaluable clinical time in our emergency department and learn from some of the best clinicians and researchers in the world. We also welcome research trainees who want to get an early start while receiving their college education.

Group photo of research team

Research team in lab

Researcher team in front of hospital


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