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Research is one of the foundational pillars of our simulation center. STRATUS has conducted and disseminated research on a variety of topics and in some of the most prestigious peer-reviewed publications. We have received more than $2.2 million in grant funding. An AHRQ-funded project conducted at STRATUS was the first simulation-based research study to be published by the New England Journal of Medicine. Under the leadership of our Director of Research and Education, Steve Yule, PhD, STRATUS has primarily focused on becoming a world leader in the study of non-technical skills in clinical care. STRATUS also works with research teams to employ simulation in a wide variety of other simulation-based research topics.

If you are a researcher interested in this area of study, we offer a place to conduct your research, help with designing innovative studies, gathering preliminary data, disseminating research findings and writing grants. We can help integrate simulation into your clinical and translational research. In short, we enable you to conduct more innovative and rigorous research without requiring you to be an expert in simulation.

For more information, please contact Steven Yule, PhD.


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