Current Funded Projects

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Novel Assessments of Technical and Non-Technical Cardiac Surgery Quality


PI: Steven Yule / Co-I Roger Dias

This project is a collaboration between Brigham and Women’s Hospital | Harvard Medical School and University of Michigan that aims to use machine learning (computer vision) to develop automated and objective metrics of technical and non-technical skills in cardiac surgery.

Mixed Reality (MR) Care-delivery Guidance System to Support Medical Event Management on Long Duration Exploration Missions


PI: Roger Dias / Science-PI: Steven Yule

In this project, we will develop a mixed reality training and medical decision support system to provide realistic medical simulation scenarios for astronaut crews, with potential to deploy on planned missions to Mars.

Simulation-Based Countermeasure Development to Mitigate Team and System Vulnerabilities during Medical Event Management on Long Duration Space Missions

NASA / HERO Omnibus

PI: Steven Yule / Science-PI: Roger Dias

This project is a collaboration between Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and McMaster University that aims to investigate the role of crew autonomy in management of medical emergencies in deep space exploration missions. We are using computer vision and wearable physiological sensors to develop objective measures of team performance.

Improved Teamwork to Decrease Errors and Mitigate Their Consequences


PIs: Charles Pozner and Madelyn Pearson

The aim of this project to increase the use of the principles of Crisis Resource Management by all providers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital as a tool to minimize communication errors that often contribute to preventable medical errors.


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