ENT/Otolaryngology and Audiology Services at Mass General Brigham Healthcare Center (20 Patriot Place, Foxborough)

Our staff provides comprehensive and compassionate care in the diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose, and throat (ENT) and head and neck disorders for our patients. This includes evaluation and management, office-based procedures, outpatient surgery, and a full-service Hearing Aid Center. Complex inpatient surgical procedures take place at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, at the Division of Otolaryngology, but most pre- and post-operative care can be performed at Foxborough, as well as routine day surgical procedures.

We treat patients for a variety of conditions, including:

  • Nasal and sinus problems
  • Sports injuries to the ear, nose, face, and neck
  • Sleep disorders
  • Ear disorders
  • Hearing disorders, including hearing loss
  • Oral cavity and throat disorders
  • Voice and airway disorders
  • Head and neck disorders (infection, inflammation, and lesions)
  • Pediatric ear, nose, and throat problems

Hearing Services

Our Audiology specialists work closely with ENT physicians to care for patients with complex and non-complex hearing loss. From advanced hearing evaluation to selecting, ordering, and fitting hearing aids, our staff provides comprehensive care for our patients, including:

  • Hearing Aid Center – individualized selection, ordering, and fitting of hearing aids, including the latest digital technologies
  • Comprehensive diagnostic hearing evaluations
  • Balance assessment testing

Hearing Aid Center

Our full-service Hearing Aid Center is staffed by experienced audiologists who provide a comprehensive range of services related to hearing aids and assistive listening devices for patients of all ages.

Patients considering hearing aids first undergo a thorough hearing evaluation to identify the nature and degree of hearing loss and ensure that medical intervention with otolaryngology is not indicated. When a hearing aid is recommended, our audiologist considers the individual needs of each patient to help select the most beneficial type, style, and level of amplification. Ear impressions are obtained, and the patient returns in approximately two weeks for the fitting. A 30-day adjustment trial period follows to ensure that patients are receiving maximum benefit from their amplification.

For further questions about our ENT/otolaryngology and audiology services or to schedule an appointment at Foxborough, please call (508) 718-4010.

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