Sports Neurology and Concussion Clinic at Brigham and Women's/Mass General Health Care Centers

The Sports Neurology and Concussion Clinic at Brigham and Women's/Mass General Health Care Centers in Foxborough offers evaluation and treatment services exclusively for athletes with neurological issues. Launched in 2010 as the only sports neurology clinic in New England, this unique program can help get injured athletes safely back on the playing field. Additionally, athletes may seek consultation for optimizing neuromuscular performance.

Conditions treated include:

  • Concussions and traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Peripheral nerve damage
  • Muscular issues such as fatigue, cramps and poor endurance

Services offered at the clinic include:

  • Evaluate and treat athletes who have suffered concussions – The Clinic can determine if an athlete has suffered a concussion, help manage the condition, counsel about concussion-related issues, and, per the new Massachusetts law regarding head injuries in high school athletics, the clinic is authorized to provide appropriate clearance for an athlete to return to play.
  • Evaluate and treat athletes with nerve or muscle injury – The Clinic can help diagnose specific nerve and muscle injuries, as well as direct treatment and therapeutic strategies, enabling athletes to safely return to play with minimal risk of re-injury.
  • Evaluate patients with pre-existing neurological conditions – The Clinic can evaluate patients with any pre-existing neurological condition who would like to obtain clearance to participate in a certain sport.
  • Consultations focusing on optimizing athletic performance – Patients do not have to be injured to visit our Clinic. Our experts can provide competitive athletes with strategies to safely optimize neuromuscular athletic performance.

To schedule an appointment or to learn more about the Sports Neurology and Concussion Clinic at the Brigham and Women's/Mass General Health Care Center, please call 1-866-378-9164.

Watch the video of William J. Mullally, MD, on the topic of grading sports-related head injuries and return to play guidelines.

William J. Mullally, MD talks about grading sports-related head injuries and return-to-play guidelines.

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