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Brigham and Women’s Hospital is a world leader in clinical research, a critical aspect of improving heart and vascular care.

A clinical trial is a carefully controlled study of the safety and effectiveness of a medical treatment, strategy, device, or other intervention for humans. By participating in a clinical trial, which is strictly voluntary, a patient may help researchers discover a new life-saving medication or surgical procedure.

Recent clinical trials at Brigham and Women's Hospital have demonstrated that: thrombolytic therapy (clot-busting drugs) could significantly improve a patient's chance of survival following a heart attack; aspirin could prevent a first heart attack; ACE inhibitors could save lives and protect against left ventricular enlargement following a heart attack, and cholesterol-lowering medication could save lives in patients following a first heart attack. Building upon these medical breakthroughs, we continue to search for the next medical advance that will help our patients and patients throughout the world.

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