Cardiovascular Imaging Program

Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) offers one of the few multidisciplinary noninvasive cardiovascular imaging programs in the country. The program combines the treatment, education, and research expertise of multiple disciplines – cardiology, radiology, nuclear medicine, molecular biology, medical physics and chemistry – and incorporates the use of all available imaging types, including echocardiography, cardiac CT, cardiac MRI, nuclear cardiology, PET/CT, CT/MRI and ultrasound.

At BWH, we use noninvasive testing to enhance the identification of patients at high risk for heart and vascular conditions, and to optimize treatment management. We also have a heightened focus on adapting current noninvasive technologies and developing new technologies to provide detailed information regarding the structure and function of the heart and vascular system.

At the Cardiovascular Imaging Program, many technologies are being integrated, and combined into one procedure, improving diagnosis and care quality. There also have been significant advances in device miniaturization, image sensitivity and spatial resolution. We are continually monitoring current research that could enable us to use imaging to evaluate cardiovascular disease at the cellular and molecular level.

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Referring physicians can refer a patient online or call (857) 307-4000 to learn how to refer a patient to the Cardiovascular Imaging Program.

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