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"My husband and I spent three years in Chinle on the Najavo Reservation right after our internal medicine residencies and before our fellowships in Boston. I think the BWPO volunteers will have a great professional experience volunteering at Chinle. It is at the geographic center of the reservation and therefore many of the patients they serve still live a more tradional Navajo Lifestyle. The primary care providers are incredibly capable and dedicated. The patients are often very sick and are deeply grateful for the care they receive. My BWH faculty colleagues will be contributing a great service and will also find it rewarding to serve this very special population. They will also love the Canyon de Chelly, which is one mile away and one of my favorite places."
— Ellen Marqusee MD

Chinle Health Care Facility

The Chinle Comprehensive Health Care Facility (CCHCF) is based in Chinle, Arizona (Northeast Arizona near Canyon De Chelly National Monument). The CCHCF is a 60 bed primary care hospital which serves as the health care hub for the central area of the Navajo Nation. The medical staff includes Family Physicians, Internists, Pediatricians, General Surgeons, OB/GYNs, Nurse Midwives, Anesthesiologists, and Mental Health Providers (psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers).. There are 93 permanent providers of which, 42 are physicians (MD and DO). The additional medical staff including Dentists, Optometrists, Rehabilitation providers (physical therapists, speech and language pathologists and audiologists) and a Podiatrist. In addition to routine outpatient and inpatient primary care, services available include:Adult Intensive Care (4 bed unit), General Surgery (including laparoscopic surgery), routine and operative Obstetrics (600 deliveries/year), and 24-Hour Emergency Room Services (25,000 patients per year). Health care services are provided to approximately 37,000 active users.

There are medicine men and women on staff who provide traditional diagnostic care for the traditional Navajo patients. Some of the different diagnostic specialties are: crystal gazing, hand trembling, water gazing, charcoal gazing, feather gazing and the listening way.

Native healers also provide education to medical providers about traditional Navajo beliefs & ceremonies.

Hogan traditional healing space

This Hogan was built by Chinle employees to provide a tradional healing space.

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The Canyon De Chelly

The Canyon De Chelly