IHS Outreach Program - Types of Volunteering

There are many ways to volunteer your expertise with the IHS program.

On-site Clinical Care

Specialty care is extremely difficult to access at both Gallup and Shiprock. Academic centers are up to 4 hours travel, and due to funding limitations there is often a 6 month wait for appointments. Our volunteers have been able to run specialty clinics while training local physicians in the process. Additionally, surgeons have been able to help reduce the backlog of surgical cases by spending some of their time in the OR. Once the dates for your visit have been finalized, the staff at Shiprock or Gallup begins scheduling your patients or surgical cases so you will be ready to go when you arrive.

On-site Teaching or Shadowing

We have had many volunteers lead educational sessions as well as conduct hands-on training sessions in areas such as diabetes management, ventilator management of patients with acute respiratory distress, and stabilization of premature infants awaiting transfer.

Remote Clinical Care and Teaching Opportunities

We are developing remote clinical care and teaching opportunities for physicians who cannot travel to New Mexico and for physicians who are interested in continuing to volunteer after an initial site visit.