Center for Professionalism & Peer Support

The Center's mission is to encourage and support physicians and other healthcare professionals in providing the highest quality compassionate care for every patient. This kind of care occurs in a culture that values and promotes mutual respect, trust and teamwork, and builds on the principles that BWH leadership have already championed.

The Center promotes and expands such programs as the Professionalism Initiative, Culturally Competent Leadership, Peer Support, Disclosure and Apology Coaching, and Wellness.


We have the possibility of creating a much more meaningful and gratifying culture for our faculty, staff and learners, and especially for the patients we have committed to serve. A culture that is grounded in the values of collaboration, trust and shared accountability. A culture that is reinforced through team-based structures and shared reward systems. A culture that encourages transparency and inclusivity, rather than exclusivity. A culture that is driven equally by our traditional commitment to excellence, and by service to others.

- Darrell Kirch, M.D., AAMC President's Address


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