Clinical Care Redesign at Brigham and Women's

At Brigham and Women’s we are redesigning clinical care to improve the quality and experience of care for all Brigham patients while simultaneously reducing costs. The Brigham and Women’s Physicians Organization’s (BWPO) Medical Management Team invests in five strategic areas of care redesign: innovation, physician engagement, the care continuum, patient engagement, and technology.

We begin our efforts as pilot programs which are evaluated and adapted based on performance. Programs that deliver improved value are scaled to support populations of Brigham and Women’s patients. At the core of our work is the investment in developing new ways of delivering clinical care to improve value for our patients; it is what we do at the BWH every day.

In our efforts at Brigham and Women’s, we work closely with multiple key stakeholders including physicians, patients, and our parent company, Partners HealthCare. Read more and watch a short video about Population Health Management at Partners HealthCare.

For more information about Clinical Care Redesign at Brigham & Women’s, please contact the BWPO Medical Management Team at:


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