Brigham Care Redesign Incubator and Startup Program (BCRISP)

Do you have an innovative idea? BCRISP is inviting proposals for our FY19 pilots! Apply Here.

BCRISP’s goal is to rapidly identify successful pilots and position them to grow within the organization. To be successful, pilots must address Brigham Health Areas of Strategic Focus (Scalable Innovation, Advanced Expert Care, Improve Health, Timely Access, Exceptional Experience, Highest Quality/Safe Care, Affordability). Ideally proposals should also address one of BCRISP’s FY19 priority areas. Please refer to the RFP for the full list.

Finalists will receive up to $50K in funding as well as strategic guidance and implementation support to test a 9-12 month pilot of their idea. Proposals are due July 20th. Please email with any questions.

BCRISP aims to apply a venture capital framework to clinical care redesign to:

  • Drive and support frontline clinical innovation
  • Improve quality and clinical care for patients
  • Reduce costs for patients and Total Medical Expense (TME) trend
  • Realize internal cost savings through increased efficiency

BCRISP accomplishes this by:

  • Soliciting, evaluating and supporting as many ideas for improving value as possible
  • Strategic investment in small, staged pilots
  • Requiring both clinical and financial metrics/targets as part of initial proposals
  • Engaging stakeholders throughout the process
  • Delivering rapid initial results with proposals to evaluation of pilots in ~10 months
  • Working with departmental and hospital leadership to scale successful programs

BCRISP Results:

  • 283 applications through 5 cohorts
  • >1000 Brigham Health participants engaged
  • Every Brigham Health Clinical Department represented
  • 181 cross-departmental applications
  • 48 pilots implemented
  • >$1.5M in annual TME savings over 5 cohorts
  • >$6M in annual cost reductions or increased revenue
  • Currently implementing pilots in 5th cohort
  • BCRISP FY19 (Cohort 6.0) application information will be available shortly
  • BCRISP 1.0 pilot projects
  • BCRISP 2.0 pilot projects
  • BCRISP 3.0 pilot projects

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