About the Department of Nursing

Brigham nurses share a deep commitment to providing safe, high-quality, equitable care for all patients, advancing our professional practice and engaging in lifelong learning.

We strive to advance our nursing practice through scientific inquiry, using the best evidence, sharing knowledge and implementing nurse-driven innovations that enhance the care and experience of patients at the Brigham and beyond.

We have a clear vision

The Brigham and Women’s Hospital vision is simple: a healthier community and a healthier world.

We’re transforming health care

Our diverse, multicultural and multigenerational community consists of more than 4,500 nurses practicing in clinical and leadership roles. All specialty areas, with the exception of inpatient psychiatry and pediatrics, are offered. We practice in various settings, including inpatient and outpatient areas of the hospital and ambulatory and community health centers.

We’re lifelong learners

Brigham nurses are committed to lifelong learning to keep pace with the evolving needs of patients and new advances in care. We provide support and tuition reimbursement for our nurses to use for a variety of professional development opportunities, including obtaining nursing degrees, certification, conferences and membership in a professional organization in their specialty area. As of spring 2023, 85% of our nurses hold a Bachelor of Science degree or higher in nursing, and many are seeking advanced degrees and specialty certification.

We’re proud partners

Nursing leadership has a long history of commitment to clinical education and academic advancement of nurses. From the early model of diploma education at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital School of Nursing, one of the earliest schools of nursing in the Northeast, to our current philosophy of baccalaureate preparation as a basis of professional nursing practice, we continue to advance our teaching mission through our academic partnerships.

Today, we partner with more than 20 academic institutions to educate the next generation of nurses and support our future professional workforce and community by making accessible educational opportunities to nurses pursuing baccalaureate, master’s degrees, or a research or practice doctoral degree. At BWH, integrating professional education opportunities into the practice of nursing is paramount— it helps further our nurses’ roles as skilled professionals and authentic leaders.

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