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Credentialing Application Process


ALL first-time Clinical Instructor Applicants MUST Submit #1-9:

Credentialing Process Application Checklist

  1. Application: Submission of complete application is required. Incomplete applications cannot be held or processed.
  2. POI Form: Submission of a completed Person of Interest (POI) form is required. Fill out the PDF webform. You cannot save your completed POI form on your computer. You must print it and sign the top portion of the document (keep a copy for your records). The CNE completes the remainder of the form. Incomplete POI Forms will be returned to applicant.
  3. Copy of Malpractice Insurance Policy showing individual coverage limits of at least $1 million and expiration date.
  4. Current resume / CV.
  5. Three (3) signed professional reference letters: if you are a BWH/MGB employee one letter must be from your immediate supervisor.
  6. A copy of a government issued photo ID (drivers license, passport, etc).
  7. A copy of your current Massachusetts Nursing license
  8. A copy of your current BLS certification
  9. Attestation of Outside Employment. This form must be signed by the school of nursing (‘Home Institution’) and the staff nurse (‘Investigator’) who is applying for credentials to function as a paid clinical instructor for the school while at BWH during their clinical group sessions. (click here for an example of the Attestation of Outside Employment)


10. HealthCare Clearance Form signed by Health Care Provider - PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS

*If you are a Non-BWH Employee you must attend the 2-day Epic Training classes before you will be allowed access into the BWH patient eCare charts to co-sign your students’ notes. This should be completed before your clinical group’s start date.

NOTE: Please do not submit your application documents separately. Scan all completed papers together and email your application as 1 scanned document to our mailbox:


All application items for new instructors are due to the CNE no less than 6 weeks before the clinical group’s start date. When you have completed all required items, please contact Dany Hilaire PhD, RN at 857-307-2754 or to schedule an appointment for submission and to start your orientation. If this is your first time as a clinical instructor at BWH, you must complete a med math assessment during this appointment.

Once approved through the CNE, your application will be forwarded to the Office of Sponsored Staff and Volunteer Services (OSSVS) for processing.

  • The OSSVS will create (or edit) your PeopleSoft account to assign your role as a Clinical Instructor.
  • Approximately 2 weeks before you start, you will receive a ‘Welcome’ email from BWH Clinical Students (the OSSVS) notifying you that your account is ready with instructions for the next steps.
  • You will then be assigned your Clinical Instructor Orientation module in HealthStream by the CNE.
  • The Security Office is also notified of your approved application. Once you have completed your HealthStream/eCare courses, you can then obtain your BWH/SoN Clinical Instructor ID. Map to BWH ID Badge Office.
  • Renewal of your credential privileges is due annually on your birthday.

Upon completion of the CNE Clinical Instructor Orientation, you must contact the clinical leadership on the unit you are assigned to introduce yourself and coordinate your unit-based orientation.

If you have any further questions please contact us at


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