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Nursing Credentialing Program – School of Nursing

Credentialing for nurses who will be School of Nursing Clinical Instructors and other categories of professional nurses employed by outside agencies.

Nursing Professionals in the following categories are onboarded and renewed through the Center for Nursing Excellence in partnership with the Office of Sponsored Staff and Volunteer Services

  • School of Nursing Clinical Instructors and Faculty (both Brigham and non-Brigham staff)
  • Other Professional Nurses who practice at Brigham or require access to Brigham patient records

To apply for Credentialing at Brigham:

Complete all items of this application process if:

  • This is the first time you are requesting privileges (OR)
  • You will be working for a different school or agency other than the one you currently have privileges with (OR)
  • You wish to reactivate your privileges and it has been greater than one year since your file was archived

Complete a Renewal Application if:

  • You are currently credentialed, it is within 6 weeks prior to your birthday, AND you will continue to work in the same capacity for the same agency
  • You are requesting to reactivate your privileges as credentialed staff, AND will be employed in the same capacity and agency as your previous credentialing status, AND it is within one year of the archiving of your file

Complete a Visiting Faculty Application if:

  • You will have no direct contact with our patients or their medical records and are coming to Brigham for academic-related purposes
  • You will be at Brigham to assess a practicum student's progress and/or meet with unit leadership regarding a student's progress.

After your initial approval, Credentialing renewal occurs annually on your birthday. Please submit the renewal application six weeks prior to the expiration date.

School of Nursing Clinical Instructor Orientation

The credentialing application process can take several weeks. Allow ample time to complete your application, obtain all signatures, and ensure access to the Brigham Clinical Instructors Teams Channel. The Nursing Clinical Instructor Orientation is self-paced and can be accessed through the Resource tab within the Teams Channel. You will be asked to submit your attestation after you have read and understood the information presented to you within the self-paced orientation. You will also find other resources, and the Center for Nursing Excellence utilizes the Teams Channel to communicate information.

When you have completed the Clinical Instructor Orientation course, you must contact the unit-based leadership to schedule a meeting with them before your arrival with your students. You may require a shift of orientation yourself to understand the practice routines on the unit. Once your Unit Based Orientation is completed, you will be ready to bring your students to the unit. We strongly recommend writing an email for the unit leadership to forward to their staff nurses introducing yourself, the student group and course objectives. We kindly ask that you follow our process and do not go to the units on your own.

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