Research and Innovation

Clinical nurses are well positioned to participate in research studies, quality improvement efforts and innovative projects that advance patient care, the experience of patients and staff and the practice of nursing.

We support nurses in these pursuits with resources including:

  • BWH nurse scientists who offer support, guidance and resources throughout every step of the process
  • Estrellita & Yousuf Karsh Nursing Scholars Day, an annual event to showcase the Innovative work of our nursing community
  • a writing scholarship for clinical nurses and nurse educators who seek to publish their scholarly work
  • a committee within our shared governance structure that focuses on research and innovation

By adding to the body of evidence available and disseminating our work through publications and presentations, our nurses are helping to Improve care at the Brigham and beyond.

Nadia Raymond (right) discusses her study with Sandra Parent.
Nadia Raymond (right) discusses her study with Sandra Parent.

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