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Physician Assistants in the News

Brigham and Women's PAs in the News

Historically patients with Malignant Ascites, a painful condition that causes recurrent fluid build up in the abdomen, have had to make frequent trips to the hospital to have the fluid drained. But for the past decade, David Rosenthal, PA-C, chief PA in Interventional Radiology, has been part of a team of Physician Assistants championing a minimally invasive procedure that allows patients and caregivers to drain the fluid at home.

In February 2016 Sheri Talbot, Chief PA in Renal & pulmonary Transplant, was asked to join Gov. Charlie Baker's task force on the opioid Epidemic. Talbott was charged with bringing together all PA Program directors in the state to establish a set of core competencies for educating future PAs about recognizing, treating & preventing opioid addiction. BWH bulletin October 10,2016.

When Erin Lyons, PA-C, began working with patients who have a left ventricular assist device (LVAD) implanted as a result of heart failure, she was struck by their determination. "Patients show so much resiliency and willpower to overcome the difficulties of living with LVADs,” she said. “They are truly remarkable." The device is a mechanical heart pump that supports heart function and blood flow in patients with heart failure. Inspired by their resolve, Lyons raised money to help out her LVAD patients. BWH Bulletin November 4,2016

PAs in the News Nationally

PAs have the best job in America right now, according to a report from Glassdoor. To find out what it's like to have the top career in America right now, Business Insider talked to AAPA in this piece highlighting the PA profession.

"As a profession, PAs are a crucial component of the healthcare industry and its continued success. Ranked as the #1 job in America by Forbes, USA today, Glassdoor and the Young Invincibles, the demand for PAs has never been higher" says the publication.

Politico reports "the American Academy of Physician Assistants is pumped" about a National Governors Association report touting the important and growing role of PAs, and why states should remove legislative or regulatory barriers to full and effective PA practice. "Many experts see PAs as important contributors to emerging strategies to deliver health care more efficiently and effectively, but important barriers exist that could slow the growth of the profession," the 15 page report says.


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