Physician Assistant Shadowing Requests

There are a limited number of PA shadowing opportunities at Brigham and Women’s Hospital; the application process is highly competitive. Individuals interested in a position must email the contact person for the department you wish to shadow in. Your email should contain your contact info as well as a 200 word essay that describes why you would like to shadow a PA and why you selected the department you are applying to shadow in. Please also attach your CV.

Please note that the shadowing experience is limited to one day and individuals are not permitted access to the Operating Room.

Departments that allow shadowing: 

Electrophysiology Lab
Electrophysiology PAs help treat patients with Cardiac Arrhythmias. Shadow one

Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medicine PAs provide emergency care to people from all over the world. Shadow one.

General Surgery
General surgery PAs- Primary responsibilities include providing pre and postoperative care, managing pain, and managing common surgical issues.Act as support for the resident teams on the inpatient surgical wards.There are 7 PAs in general surgery. Shadow one.

Inpatient Medicine
Inpatient Medicine PAs provide care to patients with a wide variety of illnesses that require hospitalization. Shadow one.

Interventional Radiology
Interventional Radiology PAs assist in interventional radiology procedures as well as care for patients both before & after these procedures. Shadow one.

Thoracic Surgery
Thoracic Surgery PAs provide care to patients with a wide variety of conditions that require Thoracic Surgery. Shadow one.

Urology PAs provide care to patients requiring care for a wide variety of urologic conditions. Shadow one.


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