Division of Aging

A Caring Environment for Patients over 65

Through its Center for Older Adult Health, the Division of Aging offers consultative outpatient care for patients 65 and older. Whatever the individual patient’s needs, the approach is always comprehensive, with care provided by specialists in geriatric medicine. Our physicians focus on prevention as well as providing expert care to manage acute and chronic conditions that can affect us as we age.

Because they are up to date on the latest research and newest developments in treatment, our clinicians can counsel patients on how to stay healthy and what the best options are should a problem arise. Our physicians are skilled in disease management, including assessing physical and psychological function and potential medication issues that sometimes occur as a result of treating multiple conditions. For patients with complex medical issues, the Center for Older Adult Health can coordinate care with primary care providers and can also refer patients to world-class specialists here at Brigham and Women's.

As geriatricians, we understand the impact that Alzheimer’s disease has on patients and their families. Once the diagnosis is made and a care plan is developed, identifying the needs of both the patient and his or her caregiver is crucial. We can help these patients achieve the best possible quality of life and offer consultation for caregivers of patients with dementia and memory problems.

Taking advantage of the great strengths of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in clinical care, education, and research, the Division of Aging provides innovative treatment and compassionate care for older adults, while pursuing advances with the potential to improve patient outcomes.

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