Preparing for Your Visit to Brigham and Women's Family Care Associates

New Patients

Welcome to Brigham and Women's Family Care Associates. We are honored that you have chosen us as your primary care clinic. To provide the best possible care for you, we ask that you send the following records/reports* to our office at least one week before your first visit (the earlier the better).

  1. Immunization record
  2. Medication list and any allergies
  3. Copy of last physical exam note and/or medical summary
  4. For adults: colonoscopy, mammogram, pap smear, and blood test results
  5. By the time of your visit, please be sure your complete medical record has been transferred to our office

Patient Agreement

* Please review the instructions for requesting your medical records that we have explained here. You will need to complete a form and submit it to the facility that currently has your medical records in order to authorize them to release your records to us.

The Day of Your Visit

For all patients, please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment so that we have time to register you and check your weight and vital signs before your appointment with your doctor. If you need to cancel your visit, please give us 48 hours' notice. To provide the best possible care please bring with you:

  1. Your medical insurance card and co-pay for your visit
  2. A list of all of your current medications (including vitamins, supplements, creams, inhalers and over the counter medication) or all of your bottles/containers of medications
  3. Your blood glucose meter and/or log if you have diabetes
  4. Your blood pressure record if you are checking it at home
  5. The questions that you wish to ask your doctor

Adolescents or caretakers of adolescents should take a moment to familiarize themselves with our Adolescent Care and Confidentiality Policy.

Preventative Health Exam Billing

Sometimes, your annual Preventive Health Exam, Medicare Annual Wellness Visit, or Welcome to Medicare Visit can turn into a “Sick Visit." During your visit, your provider may need to treat a new medical issue or a chronic problem that has changed. If that occurs, this part of the visit is called a Sick Visit and may result in additional services being billed to your insurance.

In addition, coverage for certain screening tests (such as cancer and cardiovascular disease screening) and immunizations performed at your Annual Physical depends on your age and health insurance plan. Some tests and immunizations may not be covered at 100%, and some may not be covered at all. In those cases you may be responsible for a co-insurance or deductible payment.

Please review this information before your appointment to learn more about preventative health exams/annual physicals and insurance coverage.

Patient Gateway

Patient Gateway is a secure and convenient online tool that allows our patients to access their health information and communicate with our staff from home. Patient Gateway allows you to:

  • Communicate with your doctors
  • Schedule appointments
  • Request prescription renewals
  • Receive test results
  • Request insurance referrals
  • View your health record information
  • Update mailing address and other demographic data

Setting up your personal Patient Gateway account is simple. A request form asks you to provide your name, gender, birth date, telephone number, email address, home address, and your Brigham and Women’s health care providers' names.

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