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The Phyllis Jen Center for Primary Care is a group of Primary Care providers within Brigham and Women’s Hospital. All trained in the general medical care of adults, we care for patients with many short-term and long-term health problems. We also focus on preventing illness to keep you healthy. In addition to caring for medical problems, such as high blood pressure, asthma, and diabetes, practitioners in the Jen Center can help with routine gynecologic exams, dermatology, and even minor surgical procedures.

We are proud to be a teaching practice. This means that some of our physicians are resident physicians. They have completed four years of medical training and are continuing on with three more years of training in Internal Medicine. Every visit to a resident is supervised by a senior physician.

The Jen Center has many other professionals dedicated to helping you. These include a nurse educator, a pharmacist, and a social worker. These people can help you to stay healthy, learn more about illnesses such as asthma or diabetes, understand your medications, and assist with stressful life situations (such as housing, family problems, or personal crises). Our team also includes medical assistants and LPNs who help in many ways to make your visit as productive and smooth as possible.

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Requesting Appointments for Existing Patients

Please call the appointment line at (617) 732-6040 or use Patient Gateway to request an appointment.

Urgent Care Instructions

  • If you need to see your doctor for an urgent problem such as a sprained ankle, sore throat, ear ache, or a cough, please call our office for a same-day appointment at (617) 732-6040.
  • Sometimes, you will be able to see your regular doctor; other times, you may need to see a nurse or a different doctor.
  • Please call our appointment line first, as it makes it easier for us to take care of you. You will speak with a practice assistant who will help coordinate an appointment for you.

Off Hours Instructions

  • If you have an extremely urgent problem or emergency that cannot wait until the next morning, you can reach your doctor or a covering doctor by calling (617) 732-6660 and asking for your physician to be paged. We may be able to help you over the phone or direct you to get care in a convenient setting.
  • In case of life-threatening emergencies (such as severe shortness of breath, bleeding, or an accident), please call 911 and go to the Emergency Room.

Prescription Refills

If you are running out of a prescription, you should call us when you still have at least a week’s worth of medication left. Call our prescription line at (617) 732-7364. They can call any pharmacy for you. In most cases, your prescription will be called to the pharmacy within 24-48 hours. Some medications, such as strong pain relievers or sleep medications may need to be refilled by your doctor and take longer to refill.

Be prepared to leave a message with your:

  • name and date of birth
  • medication and dose of medication
  • pharmacy name and phone number

Location and Contact Information

Phyllis Jen Center for Primary Care
75 Francis Street, ASBI 2nd Floor
Boston, MA 02115

Phone Numbers

  • Appointment Line: (617) 732-6040
  • Medication Refill Line: (617) 732-7364
  • Managed Care Referrals: (866) 489-4053
  • Emergency Number: (617) 732-6660


  • Monday through Thursday: 8:00am-5:00pm
  • Friday: 8:30am-5:00pm


From 45 Francis Street Entrance

Go straight through the 45 Francis Street lobby and take a left on the Nesson Pike. Continue straight until you see The Phyllis Jen Center sign on your left. Enter the Phyllis Jen Center through the double doors and proceed to our main Welcome Desk.

From 75 Francis Street Entrance

  • Stairs Route: Take a right to get to the main foyer and walk towards the set of stairs. Go up the stairs and take a left. Continue straight down the hall and you will come across the main entrance of the Phyllis Jen Center for Primary Care on your right-hand side. Enter the Phyllis Jen Center through the double doors and proceed to our main Welcome Desk.
  • Elevator Route: Take a right and take the M elevators to the second floor. Take a right off the elevators. Continue straight and look for the Phyllis Jen Center on your left-hand side. Enter the practice through the open double doors. Proceed straight past the suites to get to the main Welcome Desk area at the end of the hallway.

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