Genetics & Genomic Medicine Service

The Genetics & Genomic Medicine Service at Brigham and Women’s Hospital provides care for individuals in need of genetic risk assessment, genetic testing, genetic diagnosis, genetic counseling, or management of genetic disease. Care is provided by clinicians who have received dual training in internal medicine and medical genetics. The geneticists and genetic counselors are experts in the diagnosis, management and counseling issues related to adult onset disease as well as the care of adults with genetic disease diagnosed in childhood. We work collaboratively with other specialists at our institution, throughout the Harvard Medical affiliates, and throughout the world. Individuals or families with genetic concerns or health care providers caring for these individuals are invited to contact us with questions or to make an appointment.

Individuals interested in being evaluated by our clinical genetics team can be seen in the following specialty clinical programs:

  • General Genetics Clinic
  • Pharmacogenomics Clinic
  • Preventative Medicine Clinic
  • Hypermobility/EDS Evaluation

Individuals and referring providers interested in an appointment can contact our clinical team by email at

The Genetics & Genomic Medicine Service
Brigham Medical Specialties Suites, ASBII
45 Francis Street
Boston, MA 02115

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