Internal Medicine Residency – Affiliated Hospital Rotations

Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital

The Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital (also referred to as Faulkner) is the community hospital associated with Brigham and Women’s. All residents rotate at Faulkner and spend approximately 1 month there each year, either on the general medicine services (FGMS) or in the intensive care unit (FICU). Faulkner offers the opportunity to provide care in a community hospital setting with somewhat limited resources (though always able to transfer to Brigham if needed). Due to the team structure and the generally slower pace, there is more time for teaching and there are multiple didactic sessions each day.

Faulkner GMS

The FGMS teams are smaller than Brigham GMS with one attending, one resident and a single intern on each team; teams usually also have a medical student. The smaller team and the one-on-one nature allow for more teaching from the resident and more time to talk about patient care decisions. As a community hospital, patients typically have more common general medicine problems and have a shorter length of stay.

Faulkner ICU

The FICU, similarly to FGMS, is a smaller intensive care unit with a maximum of 6 patients and is run by a single senior resident and a single intern. Despite its smaller size, the FICU sees a wide array of patients from those with severe alcohol withdrawal to those with septic shock and severe hypoxemic respiratory failure.

VA West Roxbury

Each resident spends approximately one month at the VA each year on either cardiology, general medicine or the intensive care unit (VA-MICU). The VA is jointly staffed by residents from Boston Medical Center (BMC), Beth Israel Deaconess (BI) and Brigham. Rotating at the VA exposes residents to different practice styles and diagnostic approaches, along with teaching and conferences from all three residencies. The structure of the services is very similar to those services at Brigham, though all are staffed by VA attendings.

Rotation Overviews


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