Internal Medicine Residency – Medical ICU

During each year, residents spend approximately 1 month in the one of the two BWH Medical ICUs (MICU). Each MICU has a capacity of 10 patients and the MICU teams are made up of one critical care trained attending, one critical care fellow, three residents (two day, one night) and four interns (two day, two night). The day residents and interns alternate between long and short days. On all days, the interns are responsible for presenting all the patients in the MICU to the long-call resident and proposing their plan of care for the day. The long call resident weighs in on the plan and teaches about evidence based critical care with help from the fellow and attending. Throughout the rest of the day, the care of all the patients is split between the interns, who are responsible for entering orders, discussing with consultants and holding family meetings with the help of the residents. All procedures are performed by the interns with supervision from residents and fellows as needed. There are formal didactics each morning led by the critical care fellows and attendings.

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