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Internal Medicine Resident Testimonials

Why I Came to The Brigham

"I was very impressed by the sense of community at the Brigham. The residents and the attendings are excited to be a part of this "family" both as learners and as contributors. There is a fire to delve into medicine and to practice compassion. At the Brigham I felt inspired to dive into the practice of medicine and am honored that I have been able to do it side by side with such talented, humble and supportive co-residents."

"I knew that the Brigham was the right place for me after spending time as a medical student on the general medicine wards here. I appreciated the warmth of the attendings and residents alike, the kindness of the nurses even to very green medical students, and the general atmosphere of respect and dedication to patient care. I immediately felt comfortable and knew that I would feel at home in the internal medicine program. It is clear that patient care is the number one priority of all staff here. The patient care is spectacular, the intellectual challenges rigorous, and the curiosity of my fellow residents invigorating."

"Its reputation for collegiality, support, and excellent medical care. It is in a great city and in a part of the city that affords rich learning opportunities with its patient population. I appreciated its emphasis in excelling in both inpatient and outpatient medicine, even for categorical residents."

"The people. My colleagues are wonderful people who are accomplished but also humble, friendly, and a lot of fun to work with. We work closely with our attendings who are experts in their fields and are accessible and eager to teach. The environment here is supportive and nurturing, and there is a wonderful emphasis on education. It is exciting to be a part of a team where every one works together to learn and provide the best possible patient care."

"I came to the Brigham because of the shared interests I felt I had with both the residents and the faculty in terms of looking at and working on disparities in healthcare. I also came because of the tremendous support and flexibility that the program promotes in order to help one head in any career direction desired. The housestaff and faculty are also extremely warm individuals who clearly care deeply about the well-being of their patients, and also about the well-being of each other."

"The Brigham tends to attract people who are passionate about clinical medicine and something else, and the wonder of discovering the "something else" that drives your classmates and your faculty is just as inspiring as learning from their clinical expertise. For many people, basic science, clinical, or public health research occupy their non-clinical time. We are encouraged to continue these other pursuits, even during residency, and our program leadership provide some of the most compelling examples of combining clinical practice with other passions. If you come here, make it a habit to always ask your preceptors and colleagues what they do outside of clinical medicine. Those conversations will among your most memorable and inspiring."

"I came here because the entire hospital has a very friendly and collegial atmosphere. I was impressed by the faculty and more importantly I was impressed by what the graduates were doing and the great things they had to say about the program. The biggest draw of Brigham is how hard they work gathering truly remarkable people for our program."

"The people. My co-interns, residents, and attendings surprise me daily, as morning rounds and dinner conversations are studded with personal experiences ranging from genetic epidemiology in the Netherlands to women’s sexual health in the villages of India, from interjections on post-colonial English literature to the current health legislation debate. The ethos. You are part of the Brigham family, where there is ALWAYS an incredible number of people to help you with your daily hurdles and to support you through life struggles because no one can grow as a clinician if not supported as a person. The opportunities. Here there is an active commitment and ongoing encouragement for residents to discover and define their own career path, however atypical it may be."


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